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How did Iris became one of us?

A random post about a random post. From Iris’s blog:

It’s funny how I came to be.

Last year, probably around this time or before, Jarod casually asked me to help as an artist for Hatchlings Games. Without any hesitation, I agreed. There isn’t anything for me to do except attending their meetings and listen what they have to argue about (game design). They failed 2 projects, both did not even pass the early game design stage.

Hatchlings Games wanted to go into the casual games industry but fortunately they did not. If we did, we wouldn’t have Quasr. Still, my name was not called until the recent MSC IP Challenge Series: Game Design Competition 2006. I was a general assistant that did all the general but time consuming stuffz. It is during that period, Slade discovered that I have the potential to become a game designer and encouraged me to attend AGDS at Singapore. It is there I met Noah Falstein.

I came back, feeling confident but still arrogant and was given a chance to be part of the game design team in Quasr. It is around this time that we started to lay the foundation of Quasr’ gameplay. You can read about The Evolution of Quasr’s Design here.

With the Alpha release of Quasr, the Hatchies are too busy fixing eggs.

I’ll talk about the newbloods in the next post. I’m really having fun with them.

We sure love Iris, the girl who loves to say yay! in Hatchlings. She is on a week-long vacation to Guilin, China returning this weekend.

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June 11, 2007 - Posted by | Drama, Hatchlings Games, Working Environment

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