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Top 10 links to inspire the internet entrepreneur in you

1. Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

Watch the Legend speak wisely about life. Listen to this yourself, with your friends, family and colleagues.

2. Web 2.0: The Machine is Us

The Internet has changed the world and made many folks millions of dollars. Especially the folks from the Web. First, understand what the new Web is with this superb introduction of the cultural implications of the Information Technology, the Internet, the Web and Web 2.0.

3. What is Web 2.0?

The original article on the million dollar question.

4. Book: The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman

Read this especially if you are in a developing country. Take advantage of the flat world. If you do not understand the flat world, you do not understand the world as it is today.

5. The Banality of Heroism

Heroism is for everyone. YOU are destined and born with the responsibility to be a Hero.

6. Venture Voice

A very informative and inspiring podcast site.

The Venture Voice start-up show is a must-listen.

7. TEDTalks

The annual Technology, Design and Entertainment (TED) forum gather world leaders and opinion shapers. The presentations are recorded and shared on the site as TEDTalks. The presentation are short , very high quality and have immense value.

8. TechCrunch Blog

Keep up to date with the industry and what others are doing!

9. Book: Getting Real by 37 Signals

Getting Real is a very, very good book about building web software and entrepreneurship in general. Do yourself a favor and read the whole book in one-sitting. They have a free e-book edition.

10. Powerpoint 101

When you get that million-dollar idea, you should immediately prepare powerpoint slides of the pitch before doing anything else. Guy Kawasaki teaches you how to do so.

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iinovate interviews Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Very interview with Google CEO, Eric Schmidt.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Now go change the world!

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Chapter 1: The World came to be

Oh, it’s been a while since I wrote stories. I hope it doesn’t turn up sucky.

And so, the World came to be.And the first being came into existence all of a sudden, like a stray thought manifested into flesh. His eyes were open the moment he materialized on the ground, naked and hungry. He was, in words from our world, a human boy. The first being looked upwards, into a sky of pure white. A small sphere was seen in the distance, its white perimeter darkened into a light shade of grey to contrast its distance from the white infinities. He looked down and saw the dirtless ground in the same color. His shadow formed a dim grey circle around his feet. His skin did not feel hot or cold. Blinking, he uttered the very first words of this world, those words that echoed in the loneliest corners of this world for the rest of eternity, those same words that will bring those who are lost back into safety for the eons to come.”Where am I?”His voice reverberated within the world, battering him with his own fear and doubt. He knelt down, eyes shut tight. And then the second words were uttered, those words that echoed where there was creation, and those same words that will weave into the threads of reality that form this world.”I wish… there’s someone with me.”The first being felt a warm pulsing from beneath his left hand. He pulled him arm up. A yellowish glow pulsed less than an inch from his open palm. He stared into the glow, not knowing what to do. His heart was pumped with excitement, though in back of his mind a hint of jealousy, that he was not alone anymore. The spherish glow buzzed, bobbing up and down in his palm. And then it spoke.

“What do you want me to be, my crafter?”

“I want you to be my friend.”

As the first being uttered the last syllable, sharp rays of yellow and green shot out violently from both his head and the glow. His eyes were momentarily blinded by the sudden flash, and when he could see again, his friend was standing in front if him, the yellowish glow still weakly pulsing from his body and faded away eventually.

The first being’s new friend was shaped similar to him, though he stood no taller than twice the height of his ankle. The miniature friend smiled, and the first being smiled back. And the world grew a little warmer. Drops of perspiration formed on the first being’s back. He felt strained, like a part of his mind wrung out and formed what was standing in front of him.

“What is my name, my crafter? And what is yours?”

“I don’t know. My crafter did not give me one.”

“You do not have a crafter. You are a crafter.” The friend smiled.

“Wait, how do you know more than I do?”

“I know as much as you do, my nameless crafter,” said the friend, as translucent yellow wings grew from his back. He fluttered around the first being. “The difference is that I am born of this world and you are not. You know all the answers to your own questions, my crafter. It is only a matter of time and place before you find them.”

“Will you help me?”

“Of course, my crafter. And before you find your true name, I shall remain nameless as well.”

“But where should I go? This world is empty. There is nothing but only you and me.”

“This world has everything that you could ever need and want,” said the friend. “Use your hands to craft, just like how you have crafted me.”

And so the building of the World began. The First Being crafted a clock, but did not set it into motion as the World was not ready for time to flow. He crafted hemispheres of Day and Night. He crafted a sky of clear blue, a sun of royal gold and stars and rainbows of every color in the spectrum. He crafted the season quadrants. All those he set aside, as time remained still. His friend stood guard to all these objects, ready to guide them into operation on the command of his crafter.

After all that was done, the First Being crafted the geography of the World. He dug the seas and piled the mountains. He shaped the tides and the winds. He erected towers and paved roads. Other than his winged friend, he was all alone. But somehow he knew that eventually this World will be filled with beings just like him, and another million types of beings who are unlike him. Halfway through he found himself standing on the other side of the World, looking up into a patch of clouds, seas and cities, dotted far above the skies.

The world was not flat, as he originally thought, but rather the interior of a hollow sphere. Nevertheless he worked on, perhaps finding an answer to all his questions – He was born in a world of emptiness, yet he has the ability to create something out of nothing. Surely, he thought, he must have came from somewhere.

After an eternity, the First Being was done. He stood proudly on top of the tallest tower, looking down and up into his creations. He crafted for himself garments of pure white, so that he does not forget the original color of this World. However, there was one last part of this World that was left untouched by his hands – the sphere at the center of the World.

“Let us go there, my friend. We shall make it our eternal home.” The First Being crafted a pair of wings into his skin, and hand in hand with his friend, flew towards the sphere. As they ascended, the First Being looked back down on the world.

He waved.

The first clock started to tick. The season quadrants began to turn. The winds began to blow.

And so, the world began.

In time, more beings of different builds came to this world, materializing in a split second like how the First Being did. They gave names to each other, as well as to every single thing in this World. They named their world Quasar, a self-sustaining microcosmos. They spoke of the sphere in the sky, and named it Meta, the Silent Moon.

The inhabitants of Quasar, like the First Being though not as powerful, had the power to craft matter out of their fingertips. They contributed to the World with their powers, adding myriads of unique objects that no one else in Quasar has never seen before. They entertained themselves by crafting little animate creations to fight against each other – a battle of wits than muscle, a war without blood.

For a world where wars are not fought over resources but over leisure, the once pastime soon became popular all over Quasar. Lavish arenas, each one distinctly different according to geographical location, are built to host such events, attracting crowds by the hundreds of thousands. In the arenas, people find fame and fortune, striving to be the best ‘battler’ of Quasar.

And beyond the clouds sits the Silent Moon. The First Being, still nameless, sits there and watches. He stands up, cracks his knuckles and sptretches his wings. Soon enough he shall revisit his world he created down below, joining the tournaments as a normal being. He marched happily back towards his self-crafted palace deep beneath the moon.

After all, boys will be boys.

The Quasr Story (can also be read from the game site):

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Sherman3D needs a Pixel Artist for a DS game

Our studio’s friend studio, Sherman3D is hiring Malaysian Pixel Artist for a Nintendo DS game project. They need the artist urgently. Sherman3D is a top game development outsourcing studio in Malaysia. The two co-founders and lovebirds, Sherman Chin and Tiffany Lim are great personal as well as professional friends.

Check out their website at www.sherman3d.com.

Also, we are also looking for any kind of character, creature and landscape artist

If you are interested in the job, please leave a comment or send an e-mail to johntan@quasr.com.

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Hatchlings Games features in GameAxis

Just picked up March’s issue of GameAxis today while out. I’m not an avid buyer of GameAxis (or any magazine for that matter), but hey there’s an article about us 🙂

More info to be updated soon, I’m not quite prepared to read it yet.

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Creating Passionate Users

This is a link to a superb article about user communities, particularly on the relationship between building a User Community and its return of investment (ROI).

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What’s in the Alpha Launch

A working version of the Flash Game Client without much special effects.

A simple website that users can log in, register account and view their cards.

A FAQ and Tutorial page.

A simple Forum.

Edit: Quasr Alpha is up!

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The Evolution of Quasr’s Design

Game Profile

Game Name: Quasr

Old Name: Battle Chess, Card Chess, Encephalon

Platform: Web

Genre: Trading Card, Board, Multi-player

Key Features:

  • A mix of developer and user generated content
  • Free to play
  • No additional client download required

Inspirations: Trading card games, chess, board games, turn-based strategy games, web 2.0, social networking, World of Warcraft, Raph Koster‘s a Theory of Fun

Quasr is a web 2.0 trading card / board game. The game is like chess but you play with custom pieces that you collect and customize. These customizable pieces are similar to cards of those trading card games. Quasr.com is a web 2.0 application that is light-weight, features user-generated content, developed with an agile programming methodology, and is about radical trust.

Continue reading

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Almost Cured

I have been sick for almost a month now! But today, for the first day, I felt NORMAL. I am going to be back at Cyberjaya tomorrow.

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Storm of the Century

I’m a fundamentally lame person. It’s sort of born in me that whenever every time it rains heavily and someone comments that it’s the “storm of the century”, I always reply that at least it wouldn’t be raining like this for another hundred years.

But of course, I was indoors.

Slade has been sick for quite a while now, so he pretty much has to go lie down every couple of hours or so. Just this evening we were on our way back from The Curve after a short meeting with the dudes at MDeC. We were just about on one-third on our journey when fine misty raindrops started blurring up the windshield. A minute later, drizzle became storm. While I have had my share of terrible driving weather, driving in a storm with at least half an hour left in the journey was quite worrying.

The rain didn’t get any better, still pouring down by the bucketful for the next twenty minutes. It was very relieving for a second to drive under a flyover, not having to hear those diabolical raindrops splattering themselves on my windscreen. Squeak, squeak cried the wipers thistily, they weren’t cooperating. A car sped past mine and splashed puddles all over my windshield. For a while I thought I was going to crash.

There was a fallen tree at the turning towards town. Shortly after, a fallen road sign. Whole stretches of street lights were short out. And just when we reached the junction towards our office, Din (the new web designer) called.

Our office was flooded.

By the way, we changed to a new office about two weeks ago (That should have been on the blog, but I haven’t blogged for such a long time.) Completed only recently, it was pretty much the most secluded building in the whole of the university campus. Granted that the building was on relatively low ground…

The office was on the first floor. Somehow the rain flooded the first floor. We were wondering if the whole fo the ground floor was totally underwater.

“Fuck,” Slade muttered, still half awake after being startled awake by the ringing. “We’ll be there in a short while.”

The campus wasn’t in any better state. One of the hostel blocks was out of power. I parked the car by the building and opened the fire exit (Well, it was the closest to our office). Water poured out. Rain was dripping down on and between the stairwell. Slade turned on the flashlight on his mobile, much like some scene from any horror FPS.

The whole of the first floor was covered in an inch of water. (While distressing, it was quite refreshing to soak our toes in it… at least it looked clean.) Our office wasn’t spared of that wet fate, but at least we brought our laptops out of the room, and we kept most of the computers on the table…

Except Din’s. His CPU was soaked through, and his PDA (which he kept in his bag that was left on the floor) was wrecked. Ouch. Other losses included Slade’s speakers and his mattress, my phone charger, the router and all power cables.

This should be Hatchlings’ first natural disaster ever since it was founded. I suppose it would have been impossible to avert it since nobody was in the office at that time. Hopefully we should have everything back up and running soon.

This close to launch, it’s hard to keep our spirits down despite the losses. Here’s to a drier tomorrow!

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