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How fatherhood affected game developers

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers, husbands and dads! Since this is a company blog, I will stick to writing on topic. But since of us are not father’s yet, I can’t answer the topic question. I certainly wish to though but I think that have to wait until Quasr and our next game succeeds.

For Father’s Day this year, I went home and had dinner with Dad. I don’t go home that often but I certainly hope to do so more often for the rest of the year. When I told my family that Zie Aun, Sufiyan and I will most probably visit Shanghai for GDC China this August, they were eager to join me. I wish my dad can come for a few days too.

Back to the topic question. As I was researching for this post, I saw a father’s day feature on Gamasutra entitled What Father’s Day Means to Game Developers. The article contains interviews with many game developers, including Rob Pardo (Blizzard VP Game Design), Noah Falstein (President, the Inspiracy and an acquaintance of Iris), Sid Meier, etc.

Rob Pardo and daughter Sydney on Wo

Rob Pardo’s 7 year old daughter Sydney is a Level 54 Warlock!

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