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Quasr Alpha Tournament Ended

The tournament is over and masamunemaniac is the winner with 16 wins and 1 loss (to jarodfjk). Jarod was second and fishy third. Solidx and I shared last place with one game played and loss. The three of them will be given a special item during BETA (or maybe pre-BETA) depending on which is appropriate.

Jarod organized a post-tournament party (with no alcohol unfortunately). We did watch two comedy, Shaun of the Dead and Scary Movie 4. None of which I will recommend.

Here are the rest of the screenshots:

Masa vs Bluewall

Masa vs Bluewall: There was a fatal error with the game after close to 2 hours so they played in this neat ajax app called PaintChat. In the end masa won.



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Quasr Alpha Tournament Screenshots

There were some interesting games played and interesting bugs killed. Here are some screenshots:

Quasr Alpha Tournament 1 - masa vs fishy

Tournament favorite masamunemaniac vs fishy (fishy POV)

Quasr Alpha Tournament 1 - kuan vs crazyplayer

kuan (red) vs crazyplayer (blue)

To be continued…

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Rushing into Quasr Alpha Tournament

Here is the report from Jarod posted on BaseCamp, our internal project management site.

Date: 29th June 2007
Time: [GMT +8] 9am – 1pm

There were some hassle of getting the game to deploy to production because of some bug here and there. It took some time to settle everything. We chose to implement various temporarily fixes for the tournament. The game started with many Hatchlings Games members in the lobby; some with duplicated usernames (johntan and DrAlpha, jarodfjk and bartholomew).

We had a problem with the spectator mode as it was not fully tested before deployment. Fortunately there were no critical problems for the moment that didn’t have at least a temporary and quick solution. So we proceeded with the tournament.

One of the problem we encountered was with a game that ended in a weird way. Full details of this game and others can be found in the forum. Also, the recently added spectator mode created some hassle for players. The first tournament game between johntan and fishy ended with their win/lose record swapped. johntan lost but was awarded a win and vice-versa. The same problem occurred with the game between Augustine and Zy Hao.

Some of the problems we had were:

  • Game viewing problem with the card view display in not correct style.
  • Aspect froze game temporarily.
  • Number of draw card is not displayed correctly.
  • Whacker abilities are still not playable.

My (jarod) conclusion:

  • There is a minor problem with the code structure for data implementation. [fixed]
  • Spectator mode will be disable until further notice from Zy Hao. [fixed]
  • johntan/fishy and zyhao/augustquasr wrongly recorded win/lose requires some fixed Kuan. [fixed]
  • Kuan and Zy Hao still has to identify the card and board viewing matters. [fixed]
  • For the aspect-froze-game bug, we come to a conclusion that it might be caused by a network connection related problem. There were no major indication on the code side.
  • Kuan is fixing the whacker’s ability.
  • I received feedback that the new UI looks quite nice and that the fonts in lobby are too big (impact all caps).

Extra Note: Overall I satisfied with the current situation of Quasr as we eventually move on to second stage of debugging. We all (Kuan, Leong Kee, solid, Augustine, Kwang, Zy Hao) fixing it all night for the launch of Alpha Tournament. Some decision been made temporarily to enable the tournament going as planned.

I just thought of sharing that with you guys. There were many more games played during the second session of the tournament and lesser in the third but overally the tournament was good. Too bad I was sick again (one of my internal nickname is firegod) or I would have played some more games. I am proud of the guys and hope that the tournament will provide many insights that can be turned into a great game.

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Quasr Alpha Tournament is near!

Good day everybody! For your information, Hatchlings Game Studio will launch the first Quasr Alpha Tournament this coming Friday and Saturday. Details

I am very excited because both the testers and the development team can have fun competing in the tournament and at the same time they can share their ideas and opinions to improve Quasr.

Besides that, players can learn strategies from other players. They also can share ideas to create new strategies. Something like Immobilizer+Whack. More strategies to be discovered, so do drop by our forum!

If you are not an Alpha tester of Quasr yet and would like to help us test the game. Please www.quasr.com.

Your participation would be a great support to us!

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First Quasr Alpha Tournament

Hatchlings Games proudly announce the first ever Quasr Alpha Tournament .
Below are the details for the Alpha Tournamnent :

Date : 29th June 2007 – 30th June 2007

Time : [GMT+8] 9am-5pm , 9pm-5am

Prize : Special promo Card for top 3 players.

Be an alpha tester to join our Tournament.

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