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I fell in love with WarCraft: Orcs and Human

For the past four weeks, I have been on a Blizzard Entertainment binge. Almost every year, the feeling of overwhelming admiration for the legendary game developers will strike and I will be inspired. It has struck again but this time it is stronger and deeper.

As an entrepreneur we have role models, usually other entrepreneurs and their companies. We judge them by their product, service and life’s impact to the world among other things. We see their products everywhere influencing every part of our lives and we dream that one day we will be as successful as they are. Most of what we know about these companies we know from reading. My favorite company is Blizzard Entertainment. It has a profound influence on today’s youths. Since its inception, the legendary game development studio has affected the lives of every young people in the world – directly and indirectly. It certainly has affected my entire life. Even until today, it is influencing my decision in the studio that I co-founded, Hatchlings Games (Just in case you are not reading this from our corporate blog).

My first experience with a creation of Blizzard was the original WarCraft: Orcs and Human. I first saw the game in the year 1995. It was during a usual daily visit to the game shop at Atria shopping complex (the shop is still around today). They (the shop) have a PC used to display the latest games. Sometimes they allow customers to try the game on the PC. During this day, there were many people (usually older than myself) surrounding the person in front of the PC. I didn’t know what was going on but joined the crowd.

I ended up standing there for two hours before deciding to buy the game. Of course I can’t BUY the game at that time; I still have to ask my mum. My parents are extremely supportive of my gaming habits so they brought the original box (with floppies) for about RM250. Eventually we (I made the decision, my parents paid) bought the CD-ROM version which has voice overs and cinematic scenes for the introduction, victories/defeats and scenario briefings!

WarCraft was a process on my AMD 486-100Mhz PC with 32mb RAM for at least 5 hours daily. I began to sleep way past my bed time and had a solid reason (I thought it was) to skip school. WarCraft kept me occupied until C&C: Red Alert and C programming (in an attempt to create WarCraft!). I know I am a super geek.

Some of us here at Hatchlings have played Blizzard’s earlier game, The Lost Vikings. As for me, I did not know of the existence of it until four years back. Anyway, the I don’t really have a point for this post. At first I was going to post my latest research on Blizzard which would be useful but I wanted to make good. As you can see, I am not a good writer. I have insights, debate about them and apply them to my life, game design process and Hatchlings Games but I am a real noob at writing.

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