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We are hiring!

Hatchlings Games is a game & web (the distinction is blurring now) development studio based in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. We focus on building next-generation web games with immersive worlds. Our first game, Quasr, is a web-based virtual world  where players create a fantasy world together. Picture WikiFantasyWorld. Within this world, players can play premium games that are also develop by us. The first of these games is a trading card / board game that we designed to replace chess. Quasr is currently in its second Alpha and are looking for volunteer game testers.

Hatchlings Games is comprised of ambitious game designers, artists and programmers. We are looking for talented developers to further develop the game and the world. We need:

  1. Flash Game Programmer – AS2.0 and/or AS3.0
  2. Web Developer – RoR or PHP or ASP.NET
  3. Web Designer
  4. Lead Artist
  5. Web Game Producer
  6. Game Designer

Each job is posted in detail in the comments below.

Although we prefer you to, you do not have to be staying in Malaysia to apply for a job with us. Our office is at Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

If you are interested in a job with us, please send a CV and portfolio to johntan@quasr.com as soon as possible. You will receive a reply with details of an interview.

If you wish to send us materials via snail mail, send them to:

Hatchlings Games
CCTD Office, FMD New Building
Multimedia University
63000 Cyberjaya
Selangor, Malaysia

With all submissions, character and professional reference is a MUST.



  1. Lead Artist

    Hatchlings Games is looking for an individual to serve as Lead Artist for a team focused on building next generation web-based games and an original universe. The ideal candidate feels comfortable in a team environment and is able to contribute on many levels (illustration, copyrighting, motion graphics, animation, 2D, 3D, etc) and act as a liaison between artists and the game producers. He/She is the manager of the art production team.

    The candidate would be a highly motivated, high organized and a very sharp artist who has polished painting skills and astute artistic sense. The candidate must have a solid understanding of lines, colors, shape, form, space and other fundamental art knowledge. The candidate must also be able to research on art techniques, production tools and pipeline to be used by the team.

    The Hatchlings Games studio environment is free, fast-paced, fun, creative and technically challenging. We try to put teamwork before individual skills. Join other creative, ambitious and disciplined individuals to create a new world.

    Primary Responsibilities:

    – Management of Art Team
    – Collaboration in the creation of production schedules with Art Director, Producer and Game Designers.
    – Collaboration with staff and task interdependencies to ensure timely and accurate deliveries.
    – Pro actively tracking and maintaining schedule daily, identifying and fixing problems early before they become serious.
    – Sharing and facilitating knowledge and skills sharing.
    – Critique other’s work, process and attitude to ensure product quality and prevent mediocrity
    – Fill in missing skill sets of other artists needed to complete tasks.


    – Love games
    – Some experience in art production environment such as animation, games, advertising, etc.
    – Proven team leader and motivator.
    – Extremely organized and detail oriented with a very consistent follow through.
    – Proactive in identifying inefficiencies in the production pipeline and team attitude
    – Creative with a positive attitude.
    – Skills in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash
    – Strong understanding of product development from concept to post-release.


    – Interest in trading card games
    – Experience in web design
    – Experience using GIMP and other open source art tools

    Comment by Slade | June 21, 2007 | Reply

  2. If you are great at Flash and ActionScript (2.0 and optionally 3.0) and is looking for a job (full-time, part-time, contract, freelance or internship) to develop games for the web, please let us now! We have urgent openings for you.

    In Hatchlings Games, you will be:

    1. working on the multiplayer user-created Quasr: Trading Card Game which runs on SmartFoxServer.
    2. working on new Web 2.0 tools for user-created content.
    3. working on external client projects (usually simple Flash games).
    4. working with other programmers, game designers, artists and entrepreneurs.
    5. with a group of passionate gamers and developers.
    6. advancing human evolution through games! (we really need to write a article about this!)

    You can work from any country but we prefer you to be in Malaysia. Thats it, you CAN be anywhere in the world and work from your home. If you are in Malaysia, our office is located in Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

    If you are serious about sending your resume, please send them to johntan@quasr.com.

    Comment by Slade | September 20, 2007 | Reply

  3. Hatchlings Games is hiring web developers who have previous experience with any of the following:

    1. Ruby on Rails and/or
    2. PHP and/or
    3. ASP.NET and/or
    4. Java

    In Hatchlings, you will be working on:

    1. Quasr (solely for Ruby on Rails developers)
    2. Some other top-secret projects and (any web development language)
    3. External client projects (any web development language)

    It will be a bonus if you have developed rich clients and games. Most of our projects (especially Quasr) involves a lot of complex ActionScript and JavaScript for interactivity across the HTTP protocol.

    There are full-time, part-time, contract and internship (paid and unpaid) positions available. Since we are an unfunded startup, we can also work out royalty sharing sharing with each project.

    We prefer to hire developers that are staying in Malaysia so we can meet occasionally. But this is by no means a requirement. In the team, we have developers from Vancouver, Canada and soon from Bangalore, India. We have an office in Cyberjaya where you can sometime meet up to do some parallel programming/designing.

    If you really want to send your resume, the e-mail is johntan@quasr.com.

    Comment by Slade | September 20, 2007 | Reply

  4. In Hatchlings Games, we have multiple web and web games development projects. All our projects has to make at least a 3000% return on our investment. One of the key components is that is to make our customers (gamers, hippies and their parents) over satisfied. In web and game project, that translate to the LOOK and FEEL of the site.

    If you care about designing sites that:

    1. are usable and extremely intuitive by our users/players
    2. captures the imagination of the mass and fellow web & UI design peers
    3. follows standard XHTML/CSS.
    4. uses different technology and methods at suitable times.

    And also you happen to:

    1. loves games!
    2. be confident and honest!
    3. have a sense of humor
    4. be up-to-date with the web and general design
    5. work very hard and smart!

    It would even be better if you:

    1. can draw and paint with Photoshop
    2. or at least be able to do graphc design
    3. can show me some a portfolio of your work
    4. have someone you worked for that can recommend you
    5. maintains a blog that we can see

    If you a person who cares about the above, please drop John @ johntan@quasr.com an e-mail.

    We prefer you to be in Cyberjaya, Malaysia but theoretically we can work from anywhere – One developer dwells in his home at Vancouver and we are thinking of partnering with a web development service firm in Bangalore, India.

    Comment by Slade | September 20, 2007 | Reply

  5. I´m actually living in Argentina. I´m an advanced Industrial Designer student, and I´m interested in have a little more information about any freelance position. Tought it would be great to work outshore, I find it very difficult.

    Comment by Ignacio Dávola | April 19, 2008 | Reply

  6. Raidah Binti Yazid
    Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
    email : izra2794@gmail.com


    Apply for the internship.

    I am a student from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka seeking for an internship.I studying in Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Game Technology.
    May Sir/Miss consider for this application.

    Comment by pemudi al-qassam | June 16, 2016 | Reply

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