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Slade went mad

We weren’t trying hard enough.

I was confused. Being a game designer but dislike the game that we are going to make and still can live through every day. What is wrong with me? Every time when I imagine myself playing the game, I will stop after a few seconds. I just didn’t like it.

One day when we were out for dinner, we discussed about the game. I kept thinking that maybe it is just me who doesn’t like the game because I dislike playing strategy game and trading card game. So, I went on asking more about the game to understand it more so that I can force myself liking it. It was a bad idea. I mean, a bad idea to think that I dislike specific game so it is ok not to be bothered of. All of a sudden, Slade went mad and started scolding all of us. (Hate it when he does that)

All the while all of us known that there is a big problem with the game design but we were so blinded with the old design and never wanted a change badly. Slade was mad again and wanted new game design. All of us were contributing ideas in the car and nowing was the driver. (Never discuss something like that in the car) I’ll talk more about nowing’s driving later.

No matter how we come up with new ideas we were still stuck with the old design…

We weren’t trying hard enough.

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January 9, 2007 Posted by | Drama, Encephalon, Game Design, Sharing | 6 Comments

Sharing Is Caring

Good morning fellow bloggers, it’s 4.12 a.m. in the morning and I am still awake as usual due to the fact that the process of making this new game Encephalon is too challenging and thrilling. My mind is floating in my wildest imagination and trying to snap a picture of that imagination and place it into a form that can enable others to feel and see what I see.

The concept of giving users or the “player” a total freedom to customize and direct the flow of the game is interesting. Users/Players would be able to share their thoughts, imagination, creative ideas, art & designs and many other stuff in a new world with special communities to accept the “changes” done to this game. Thus, it makes the community to be the owner to this world.

Over these years, some potential artist/creative designers have kept their talents to themselves without being able to display or voice out their artwork to the local public. Sometimes, the public or the society they live in doesn’t appreciate their work as much as the other societies. These scenarios makes the hidden talents to be shy, scared and restricted to proceed to develop their talents and sharing their work to the public, confining them to be doubtful of their capabilities. It would be a waste for the world to miss it.

Back to the title, by creating a platform for users/players to share and applying own art to the game would encourage and enable most of them to post it up for the communities to view and rate their work, which will be able to help them to improve and correct their flaws in their future artwork. Indirectly, this game can be considered as an education tool for those who are involved in the field of art. Education not only can be held in educational institutes like tuition centre, schools, universities or colleges. E-learning have been introduced a few years back to the public, where, people could study and get a basic education online but it’s didn’t really make much of an impact to our current world. Most people still resolve to traditional education system. Schools, colleges and universities as the main educating institute. Games can also be an educating tool to guide the players in a particular aspect.

Communication is very important since the birth of mankind on Earth. It’s a medium that creates a group of combined minds to analyse and solve a certain matter in life. Everyone needs each others in their lives in order to keep living in this world. Due to the importance of communication, Encephalon allows the users/players to be able to communicate in a positive way via in-game blogs and in-game chats to analyse a game or an artwork for the cards by giving our point of view towards the posted issue. Thus, gathering and nurturing great minds from all around the world since everyone with internet connection can play it. Making friends among the community formed would be one the exciting and interesting features of the Encephalon.

In the future, we really hope to get feedbacks from all the readers, users/players and bloggers. Feedbacks are greatly needed to produce and maintain a successful game. Keep sharing for the sake of perfection.

“Aight, it’s time to sleep………..Zie Aun (nowing)~!!! give me bec my pillow!!! by the way, it’s my sleeping spot!!!”,says Me ^0^


January 5, 2007 Posted by | Education, Encephalon, Sharing | 1 Comment