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Perfect Planning

I found the following video when I go through some of my regular websites. It is amazing to see how well they planned the landing period and also the skills that the pilot have. Tourist visit the place just to observe the event.

Put it in the management way, it is not impossible as long as we took the trouble thinking thoroughly of the problem and eventually we can solve the problem in the end and also create advantages from it.

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Tale of Tales’s Tale

One day, when I am searching around the Internet using Google service, I found this website called Tale of Tales. And guess what I found, a very interesting and new game called “The Endless Forest“. For me, it is one of the unique game that I played before. The game is ACTIVATED through screen saver. I manage to contact the game designer for a little chat and have a brief idea what happening in the game industry at the other country.

To me, it is always fun to be connected with all the game developers and have discussion on the game development scene. Previously there is a lot of game industry related events held here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. But now, it is so silent and boring that I am planning to organize an informal one soon. I miss those days where developers gather together and talking about their experiences.

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Game Design Novice

Recently I found a website called Game Design Novice. It is indeed a website for those who passionate to be a game designer. This will be a good start.

Check it out for details.

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