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Parents Just Tend to Blame It On Computer Games

“Computer games are addictive.”

This is where all fun ends and the horror begins. Computer games are said to be stealing away the fun of traditional toys like Lego. Parents also believe that this new toy promote individual isolation therefore reducing the participation in a child’s creativity growth.

Toy in general is fun and addictive. The computer game is on a different level of fun and additivity. In Raph Koster’s A Theory of Fun, fun is learning and learning is fun. The computer game is a very powerful learning medium for it is a platform of unconscious learning.

Most parents believe that they are excluded from the child’s creativity growth when the virtual world invades. I am going to turn the table around today.

This time I will just focus on the number of players in a game. Different modes of play serves different types of participations and experiences.

Single Player Games
Early computer games are majority single player games. This is where parents complain about individual but if there is audience, this could be a different story. Audience can give guidance and comments to help the player along the way. It is a good way to observe the process of learning, the best way to know how a mind works. If the player plays a game well and want to give the audience a great experience, cinematic games are perfect for this type of participation.

Two Players Only Games
There are 2 types, one that rival against each other and helping each other. This type of game only focus on the participation of 2 players. Best for building close bonds. Audience do not have much fun watching. Recommended for parents and siblings. (Drinking session maybe?)

Online Games
The best thing about online? Social convenience. It is not so hard to find a friend to play with you now. Players are having fun making new friends and most importantly, getting things done in a team. The level of competitiveness in game is a moist environment for team building. Weird thing is, parents treat real players in virtual worlds as fakes and their reason is standard, “You don’t even see them.” Well try playing MMORPGs with parents and let them know how real they are! Invite your family to play, I am sure that your family are going to make a great team!

Children love sharing the fun and I am sure that everyone had ask their parents to play a game with them before, but then again they would usually answer:

“I don’t know how to play.”

Dear gamers, parents are actually afraid of trying new things. So be patience on educating parents about games, I guarantee that the return is priceless.

Yes, I am back from China and hope you enjoyed my opening blog post.

inspired by How Killing People with My Dad Improves Our Relationship

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June 21, 2007 - Posted by | Education, Games, Gaming, Sharing


  1. I agree that parents most probably answer like what you mention above . There are some other reason that makes them stay away from games .
    Many parents has lost connection with the current technology , some of them doesn’t even know how to sms . They wake up early in the morning and works almost for the whole day to earn enough money for their family . They doesn’t have the enough time to at least try on the new technology . Computers and handphones they might know how to use it since nowadays all company are digitalized . But playing games in computer or console is totally different kind of things for them . Some of them think that “game is just for the kids and children only” , another portion of them will think that ” i will never learn how to play even i had tried , it is too hard ” .So ,parents continue busy with their work while children just concentrate on their . As a result , the relationship between children and parents are more far apart .
    In my opinion , both parents and children should treat games as bridge or a link that connects both of them rather a wall that separates them .I never have that idea until i read this post .Thanks iris .This weekend , when i go back home , the first thing i will say is ” Mum , Dad , let’s buy a Wii and play together !!! ” . Plus , game developers aren’t just make games only.They actually building “the bridge” between parents and child too !! That is something really awesome to think about .Don’t you think so ??

    Comment by lunux | June 21, 2007 | Reply

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    Comment by answersplease | June 21, 2007 | Reply

  3. Thanks, that’ll be great. Do link us as Hatchlings Games Studio. What do you want for your link then?

    Comment by Iris | June 21, 2007 | Reply

  4. Lunux,

    You have a point there. You should buy the Wii and bring it to the studio! Lol. I am just joking. Yes go convince your parents to play games with you. I think when our gaming generation become parents, games will be a center of our family lives. As such we will all make better games.

    Comment by Slade | June 22, 2007 | Reply

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