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Chapter 4: The Wind City of Cuelo

We take a break from the Ark arc (ARK ARC LOL) and focus on another character.

In another city across Quasar, Deena ran.Deena’s metal gliding wings, in a cool shade of pale green and grey , were kept straight behind her. The wings caught the sudden gust of wind that blew into her face, slowing her down for a second. But still she ran, now with a pair of wind-shielding goggles on her eyes, and her wings folded tightly. Behind her three boys ran, evidently attempting to catch up to her. Deena was taller than each of the boys, but she did not possess the strength they had. The four children wore uniforms of green and light blue, the colors of the Prodigious Crafting Academy of Cuelo.

“Deena, stop! You’re running on the wrong side of the currents!” One of the boys shouted. None of them stopped.

“Stop chasing me!” Deena turned her head, trying to look over her shoulder while still paying attention to any oncoming traffic. “I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I have nothing to do with Master Avolia!”

“But I saw you together with Master Avolia!” Another boy yelled, this one the chubbiest among the three. “I saw it, he taught you a new hack. Just you! We just want to see it, that’s all!”

“Shut up, Bern!” Deena had her head turned back, avoiding incoming gliders at this busy part of the windtrail. There was a major junction in front, going further down the road led to a sheer cliff towards lower parts of the city.

Before the children knew it, horizontal ground was a thousand-foot drop below.

Deena fell for the first two seconds. She did not look the least bit worried, but merely spread her tucked wings and glided down. Another short fall later, her feet landed on a paved road. Reorienting herself to the vertical part of the city, she continued to run

The City of Cuelo was built on and along a mountain range and its neighboring canyon. Having different laws of gravity than Pamira, buildings and roads were built on the sheer cliff and canyon walls. Along the roads were automatic wind generators, three-bladed metal fans that spun by itself to produce a constant wind current on the road. Cuelo citizens did not travel by vehicles, instead using their wings to glide along quickly.

Deena silently hoped for the clumsiness of her classmates, that they would not reorient themselves on vertical ground that quickly. Meanwhile, she took a sharp turn away from the main currents, losing herself among the alleys of Bolero Town. She smiled at her good luck, the sun was shining on the other side of Cuelo at this hour.

She heard another shout from behind her. Before she could turn around, a green-gloved hand snagged at her shoulder roughly. “Gotcha!” Three young male voices cheered at the same time.

“Emilio! Bern! Nach! How…”

“Oh, we had our eyes on you all the while. You took so many turns that you ended up on the street just by the main road. So we split up to go for you.” the boy named Emilio, the shortest yet most shrewd-looking among the trio, cut her question short. “Now c’mon, just show us your new trick before we tellt the rest of the class tomorrow.”

“Hell, I could tell them now,” the boy named Nach added, touching a thick band on his right index finger which responded by beeping softly.

“But… why? What could you guys get out of this?” Deena cried, “If I actually a trick, that is.”

“C’mon, you know we’re battle freaks,” Emilio said matter-of-factly, “Bern even knows a couple of Fraynian hacks.” Bern nodded sheepishly to that comment.

“I know you don’t care about tournaments, but there’s a big one coming up in Pamira in three days. We can’t afford to miss that one, it’d affect our ladder standings too much.” Emilio continued to say, “Bern says he caught a peek while you were with Master Avolia. He says it… Bern?”

“It all happened too fast.” Bern completed Emilio’s sentence. “It was like… whoosh.”

“So Dee, what’s your decision?” Nach pressed on, the thick band on his finger pulsed in a faint green light.

“No Nach, don’t you dare.” Deena growled, “and don’t ever call me ‘Dee’ again.”

Nach said nothing, but just stared at her. She knew he was all too high-nosed to pass up a chance to challenge the best female battler in class. He had left her with no choice but to disobey her master’s instructions (“Especially not to Emilio and his gang,”). Instantly she came up with a plan. She grinned slyly, as she imagined the outcome of her demonstration.

“Fine then. Now, promise me you won’t tell anyone that I showed you this.”

“Fine by me,” Emilio agreed without a second thought. The other boys nodded.

Deena cracked her knuckles.

“Ready now, blink and you’ll miss it.”

Deena’s body exploded with strands of green energy, enveloping the other three children within it. A split second later their visions cleared. Deena remained standing in front of them, but somehow she looked blurry…

To Deena, time was slowed to a crawl. Experienced battlers would be able to stop time entirely, but she had only learnt it for just about a week and can slow time to a fiftieth of its usual speed – a commendable result for a Time Hack amateur. The grin on her face widened. Still panting from the sudden release of energy, she began her revenge plan.

“What in the…” Nach was only in mid-sentence when he felt a sharp tug on both of his shoulders and the warmth of freshly-crafted metal wrapping around his arms and the rest of his body. He tried to scream, but was served with a mouthful of foul-tasting sticky goo the moment he opened his mouth. He saw his other two friends were in the same state of astonishment, as what seemed like ventrilium twine fused around their bodies and legs. In less than a tec, all three boys stood helplessly bound, glaring at Deena’s trail of residual images with fear, surprise and respect.

There were a few seconds of silence, each one of the boys listening to their own trembling heartbeat and strained breathing as they felt the tightness of the ventrillium rope biting into their skin. Then at the same time all three of them heard a faint giggle from their behinds. Nach turned his head over, lost balance and fell on his butt. He let out a soft grunt through the disgusting gag.

“Mrrrphmm,” Nach tried to speak with his mouth full of goo, probably calling the name of the girl who had just incapacitated him in slightly more than a blink of an eye.

“So there,” said Deena with great exhaustion and a hint of smugness, “How’d you like it?”

“That was awesome, Deena!” cried Bern, wiggling his toes to keep him from falling.

“Now, your end of the promise. A word of this to the others and I’ll hang all three of you on the Academy gates every morning.”

“Yeah, you bet, we won’t tell anyone.” Emilio said, “Now if you could set us free…”

“Eh, it’s just triple-bound ventrillium twine,” laughed Deena. “Nothing that your hacks can’t handle, since I left your fingers free. Obviously it will take a while, you better be quick though, it’s getting dark. See you guys in class tomorrow!”

With that, Deena slowly walked off despite her classmates’ cries of help. She nearly tripped over her feet twice within the short distance from the alley to the main road. Evidently the hack took a high toll on her mental strength.

The three boys watched silently as she shambled her way back to Bolero Main Street. Again there was a moment where nobody did or said anything. A fat raindrop fell into Nach’s eye. As though struck by lightning, the three boys woke up from their trance, crafted metal scraps on their fingertips, and started cutting.

The Quasr Story (can also be read from the game site):

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  1. This is a great chapter. Paced backed up again after Chapter 1. Must be the Wind City.

    Btw, Game is really buggy.

    Comment by Slade | April 13, 2007 | Reply

  2. Yup yup.

    Deena you go girl!

    Dee Dee… I bet she will hate me calling her that.

    Please write soon.

    Comment by Iris | April 14, 2007 | Reply

  3. I’m not sure where to start the next chapter… I have another city to introduce. Should I just stay here, or move to a new city? 😀

    Comment by nowing | April 15, 2007 | Reply

  4. Stay here for at least one more chapter… finish with a suspense.

    Comment by Slade | April 15, 2007 | Reply

  5. no wing…. u gave slade the manuscript… i wanna read…. post it up here… 😥

    Comment by Iris | April 17, 2007 | Reply

  6. lol.

    There’s no manuscript, I was just putting whats on the blog to OpenOffice and then to the website.

    Comment by Slade | April 18, 2007 | Reply

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