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Chapter 3: The Domed City of Pamira

“I did not know Arky- what?” Ark asked, scratched his forehead. The duo had left the booth some five tecs ago and were walking on the streets of Pamira. His new identity felt itchy.“Arkylezious.”“OK. I did not, I mean, didn’t know Arkylezious is an actual name.”“Me neither. I came up with it on the spot.”“Right.”

“You came up with Mico too. I like that name.” Mico smiled, his wings glowing slightly brighter.

“I guess I could get used to Arkyl- Ark.”

The Base Echelon’s main road was the longest in the whole of Pamira, as it ran a complete circle around the widest platform of the city. Roads that lead to the inner parts of the Echelon branched off every five hundred feet. As the duo watched wrollers whiz past them, it did not take them long to figure out that they were lost.

“I… I think the arena is on the other side.” Mico stammered, frantically scanning for the distinct three spikes of the Pamiran Arena.

“I’m so tired after all that waiting outside,” Ark sighed and looked up, the dome was partially blurred to shield the city from the midday sun, obscuring Meta. Other than that the sky was clear.

“We should have asked for directions just now.” He sighed again.

Yellow lights coalesced on top of Ark’s head, as though the breath from his mouth formed matter – not something he cannot do, but he did not prepare so.

“ARENA, 12,035 F THIS WAY,” The yellow characters cheerfully bobbed in mid air, and a big arrow of equal size pointed to their destination. Ark’s mouth remained open.

“Did you see that?” Ark pointed upwards and asked, still feeling what just happened was unbelievable for a being who can craft matter at his whim. He peeked at the floating arrow to ensure that it was still there. It was.

“See what? There’s nothing up there,” Mico looked at the finger’s direction, “Nope, not even clouds.”

“It’s not the clouds, it’s… these!” Ark jumped and waved his hands above his head wildly. To him he was grasping at the floating arrow, but to Mico and every other passerby, he was just a hyperactive boy on a sugar high. After a tec of futile grasping, Ark gave up on explaining. “Oh well. Let’s just walk along this road, we should reach the arena in… one hour.”

“How sure are you? I don’t want to…”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!” Ark jumped agitatedly. “Never mind, let’s just go.”

Ark walked for a while, his stride going faster and faster, turning into a jog, then a run, eventually spreading his wings and lifted off the ground. The pedestrians on the road watched him take flight in disbelief – Citizens of the Windy City of Cuelo had gliding wings to ride the wind currents flowing across and around the city, but a person who would fly without wind was never seen or heard of.

“Much better!” Ark laughed. A drop of perspiration dripped off his arm and splashed on a man’s forehead.

At one hour past midday was a spontaneous carnival. As rays of sunlight shone through a small hole at the top of the dome and hit a well-marked spot – a black symbol engraved in a cube of solid gold in the central park at the highest Echelon – the city exploded into a fanfare of lights, fire and music. A stream of green fire singed the tip of Ark’s hair, clumsily he dove to ground for cover. He was not safe on the ground either, shortly after he landed he was assaulted by a stream of photon confetti.

The revelry lasted for one full tec – ten seconds – returning to the usual bustle right after. A few people still remained standing, stunned – evidently their first experience with this tec-long festival.

“That was… weird.” Ark said, still dazed from the show of lights. “And fun.”

“It’s the Midday Festival. First time here, eh, kid?” A passing adult male explained cheerily, “Name’s Perillo, nice pet there!”

“It’s not…” Mico tried to explain, but apparently the stranger named Perillo wasn’t listening.

“Sorry, no time to chat. Drop by my store some time! You know where.” Perillo waved goodbye and continued walking.

“Sheesh, how rude! He should have kept his mouth to himself. Do I look like a pet? A pet?”

“Maybe,” Ark commented, noticing a few other boys and girls across the street with small critters accompanying them.

“I wonder why did he even bother to be an adult. Who wants to grow up?” Mico continued to complain while Ark just smiled. “By the way, he said you know where his store is. Do you? I don’t think so.”

“I do,” said Ark with a smile, much to his friend’s surprise. Once again the yellow arrow appeared in front of him, pointing towards the other side of the city, two Echelons down. “But let us get on our journey for now.”

Until they reach the Arena, Ark and Mico opted to stay on foot. Along the way people stopped, smiled and waved to the duo. A few intrusive ladies even patted Ark’s head, commenting on his cherubic appearance.

“What’s wrong with these people? They weren’t caring a tenth as much when we were outside.” Mico grumbled, referring to the multiple cold shoulders they faced while queuing to enter the city.

“It’s the whole city itself,” said Ark while delivering a high-five to a boy walking towards him, “You just can’t help but to be happy when you’re inside here.”

The Quasr Story (can also be read from the game site):


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  1. Havent been reading any blog for a long time. I think I know where to settle now 😉

    Is Mico cute?

    Comment by Iris | April 11, 2007 | Reply

  2. He is 🙂

    Comment by nowing | April 15, 2007 | Reply

  3. Maybe illustrate a special short comic strip of Mico then, since he is cute.

    Comment by Slade | April 15, 2007 | Reply

  4. I would have drawn the two (and Deena and the three boys) already, if not that I forgot to bring my stylus home 😦

    Yeah, I brought my tablet but forgot the stylus.

    Comment by nowing | April 15, 2007 | Reply

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