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Storm of the Century

I’m a fundamentally lame person. It’s sort of born in me that whenever every time it rains heavily and someone comments that it’s the “storm of the century”, I always reply that at least it wouldn’t be raining like this for another hundred years.

But of course, I was indoors.

Slade has been sick for quite a while now, so he pretty much has to go lie down every couple of hours or so. Just this evening we were on our way back from The Curve after a short meeting with the dudes at MDeC. We were just about on one-third on our journey when fine misty raindrops started blurring up the windshield. A minute later, drizzle became storm. While I have had my share of terrible driving weather, driving in a storm with at least half an hour left in the journey was quite worrying.

The rain didn’t get any better, still pouring down by the bucketful for the next twenty minutes. It was very relieving for a second to drive under a flyover, not having to hear those diabolical raindrops splattering themselves on my windscreen. Squeak, squeak cried the wipers thistily, they weren’t cooperating. A car sped past mine and splashed puddles all over my windshield. For a while I thought I was going to crash.

There was a fallen tree at the turning towards town. Shortly after, a fallen road sign. Whole stretches of street lights were short out. And just when we reached the junction towards our office, Din (the new web designer) called.

Our office was flooded.

By the way, we changed to a new office about two weeks ago (That should have been on the blog, but I haven’t blogged for such a long time.) Completed only recently, it was pretty much the most secluded building in the whole of the university campus. Granted that the building was on relatively low ground…

The office was on the first floor. Somehow the rain flooded the first floor. We were wondering if the whole fo the ground floor was totally underwater.

“Fuck,” Slade muttered, still half awake after being startled awake by the ringing. “We’ll be there in a short while.”

The campus wasn’t in any better state. One of the hostel blocks was out of power. I parked the car by the building and opened the fire exit (Well, it was the closest to our office). Water poured out. Rain was dripping down on and between the stairwell. Slade turned on the flashlight on his mobile, much like some scene from any horror FPS.

The whole of the first floor was covered in an inch of water. (While distressing, it was quite refreshing to soak our toes in it… at least it looked clean.) Our office wasn’t spared of that wet fate, but at least we brought our laptops out of the room, and we kept most of the computers on the table…

Except Din’s. His CPU was soaked through, and his PDA (which he kept in his bag that was left on the floor) was wrecked. Ouch. Other losses included Slade’s speakers and his mattress, my phone charger, the router and all power cables.

This should be Hatchlings’ first natural disaster ever since it was founded. I suppose it would have been impossible to avert it since nobody was in the office at that time. Hopefully we should have everything back up and running soon.

This close to launch, it’s hard to keep our spirits down despite the losses. Here’s to a drier tomorrow!


March 21, 2007 Posted by | Encephalon | 3 Comments