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Encephalon is Quasr

The game has finally being named!

We are going to call it Quasr and it will reside on http://www.quasr.com.

Think of a Quasar on Web 2.0 mode.

Why is it Quasr?

  1. The world setting is Sci-Fi / fantasy in space so naming it after a quasar makes some sense.
  2. The energy resource (previously known as stress) in the game is called Que (Q), so starting the name of the game with the letter Q also make some sense.
  3. “Kuasa” in the Malay language means power.
  4. Quasr.com is available.

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Featured on MMU Website

We are featured on Multimedia University’s Website for being among the winners of MDeC IP Creators Series: Game Pitch 2006.  Please ignore the February 2007 launch line.

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