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Bouken Biyori by ~no-wing on deviantART

I always thought that the world would be a more interesting place if there were elves, magic and flying cars. It only occured to me much later on that if we all lived on trees and had pointy ears and can shoot fireballs, we’d be writing and dreaming of round-eared guys and automatons that run on electric power and transistors.


March 3, 2007 Posted by | Encephalon | 2 Comments

Encephalon in Production : Slow

3nd March 2007
Dear bloggers who have been with us since we started, we are sad to say that our production has stopped due to a public holiday. Every team member are still in the festive mood and some are unmotivated. The launch of our beta has to be postponed for 3 weeks because the lack of manpower in various aspect of the game development.

In this past 3 weeks, many events have taken place. Team has been reshuffled as mention on the previous posts. Some artistes have to leave us due to some personal reasons. As production was moving slow, our lead programmer, Suffiyan had to make it all the way to the office to motivate everyone in the office. It gave a new hope to the team.

Currently, most of the team members are working on it to prepare for the launch. So, we need your support to give the encouragement to the team to continue their journey to complete Encephalon. That’s all for the moment.

Thank you.

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