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You pray Encepharon?

This incident happened a few days ago, and I didn’t really pay much heed to it until it really back when Slade and I were discussing about marketing the game.

It was like this. So I stopped by my favorite comic store as I headed back to Cyberjaya from home (I had to go back to help my mum do some typing and data entry), and I chatted a bit with the store owner before I left. The owner was a Chinese woman, probably in her mid-fifties. I’ve been quite a regular for the past five years or so, and I told her quite a lot of stuff about me. So I was telling her about this cool online card game we’re developing, and it was then the problem struck.

“What’s the game called?” She asked.

“Enc…” It hit me for a moment that no matter how slow I pronounce the word, a person who never spoke much English just couldn’t pronounce Encephalon. Not that she doesn’t know much English, but I’ve never heard her speak English and I just assumed so. In any case, the question just struck.

How are non-English speakers going to pronounce Encephalon?



“Voulez-vous jouer Encephalon?”

(Pardon my foreign languages, I just used Babelfish.)

Do they sound right? It’s a subject worth studying into, but I just cannot imagine a person inviting another person to play our game in another language. It appears that we’re in need of a better name. Any suggestions?


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Encephalon in Production : Day 3

27th January 2007

Things we moving at a slow pace. Iris was working on the web design. Slade and Nowing are still discussing about the job specification for all the programmers for tomorrow’s general meeting. Mostly, everyone were just figuring out what to be conversed tomorrow.

After the gathering of all the members of Encephalon project, things will progress at a faster speed. That’s all for today. I’ll update more after the meeting tomorrow.

Stay tune for more news on Encephalon production.

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IGDA Malaysia Meeting Report Link

You can check out the meeting report by Hilmy, coordinator of the Malaysian chapter of International Game Developers Association (IGDA).

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