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Static Mind

After a few sleepless nights, my mind became dysfunctional. It seems as though the brains stop processing receivable signals from the body. Ideas keep flowing in, new problem arises, thus, giving everyone in the company a headache.

Past two days has been less productive for me since I am still in the learning process and unalert of my daily task. Many goals need to be completed within a day, yet, time seem to move too quickly. “Concerned but Playful” should be the phrase that describes my current situation. Transition of work ethics must be done in order to fulfill the goals and enhance the progress of the project. Living up to the role of being an associate producer is not easy but ain’t impossible to achieve. I need to focus my mind and get a clearer picture of the best way to improve the productivity of project Encephalon.

As for now, I haven’t slept for two days and my eyes could barely stare at the monitor. Words  are blurry. A simple gaze at the bright sunlight might have me lose my consciousness. Somehow, I am writting this chapter of my dilemma for the public to understand that I am determined to change, even though, not focused but eager to learn at a better pace. Due to the fact that I am able to foresee the path / journey of our project is heading, the future ahead are convincing enough to keep me motivated to obtain better result at the end of each day. A man needs a vision to continue their journey to achieve greatness in his life.

Anyway, I have more task in hand today. I would love to describe about the wonderful food I have had this past few days but I have my priorities that overides it. I’ll stop right here while my hand stretches out to grab another glass of water. Laters.


January 18, 2007 - Posted by | Encephalon, Game Development

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