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Static Mind

After a few sleepless nights, my mind became dysfunctional. It seems as though the brains stop processing receivable signals from the body. Ideas keep flowing in, new problem arises, thus, giving everyone in the company a headache.

Past two days has been less productive for me since I am still in the learning process and unalert of my daily task. Many goals need to be completed within a day, yet, time seem to move too quickly. “Concerned but Playful” should be the phrase that describes my current situation. Transition of work ethics must be done in order to fulfill the goals and enhance the progress of the project. Living up to the role of being an associate producer is not easy but ain’t impossible to achieve. I need to focus my mind and get a clearer picture of the best way to improve the productivity of project Encephalon.

As for now, I haven’t slept for two days and my eyes could barely stare at the monitor. Words  are blurry. A simple gaze at the bright sunlight might have me lose my consciousness. Somehow, I am writting this chapter of my dilemma for the public to understand that I am determined to change, even though, not focused but eager to learn at a better pace. Due to the fact that I am able to foresee the path / journey of our project is heading, the future ahead are convincing enough to keep me motivated to obtain better result at the end of each day. A man needs a vision to continue their journey to achieve greatness in his life.

Anyway, I have more task in hand today. I would love to describe about the wonderful food I have had this past few days but I have my priorities that overides it. I’ll stop right here while my hand stretches out to grab another glass of water. Laters.


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When the tough gets grinding…

So I had one of the more frightening dreams last night…

Oh dear, not another post about dreams. But I guess this one’s more relevant. Back to the topic, I don’t think I have dreamt of such a scary thing for a long while. No, I didn’t dream of headless ghosts or flesh-eating monsters, that’s too grade school.

I dreamt that I was playing the piano.

Now before you say “Oooh, scaaare-rey!”, I assure you that I spent the subsequent afternoon and evening in a troubled state, because I can’t seem to get that dream off my mind. So I was sitting in front of the piano (the same one I have in my house), and there’s this score in front of me. I can’t really remember what happened when I started playing, but I eventually reached this part with a lot of complicated chords. As I struggled along, the meaning of the piece somehow became more and more evident in my mind. In fact, I think there was a small printed footnote about the meaning of the piece.

The piece was about the end of the world.

Now the tune gets weirder and weirder as I slog through the bars, I still remember this part where my right hand had to go C-D#-C-D# for half a minute. The whole piece was chaotic and depressing. I was about to quit playing (and wake up, I guess), when I took a glimpse of another footnote in the next page. “Peace and happiness”, it said. After all this weird crap, I get to play something light-hearted, I told myself. So I was compelled to continue on, C-D#-C-D#-ing all the way, and I woke up before I ever reached the next page.

How many of you readers find games like this?

I haven’t done the statistics, but a lot of games seem to be fun at the beginning, then the fun just suddenly gives way to dreary grinding. While some players would stop playing at the first hint of boredom, most continue their arduous trek to the final destination, in hopes of getting their well-deserved reward of a satisfying ending…

…Or is there one? Unfortunately, as computer gaming slowly shifts its cumbersome rear onto the web in the form of MMORPGs, there just seem to be no end for the players to sit back and pat themselves on the back for a game well concluded. Well duh, what happens when a player finished a game? He uninstalls it! The relationship opportunity for publishers to milk players of their money is over! So the players grind on day after day so they have bigger numbers in their statuses, until they decide that all this is just a waste of time and dump the game.

I was chatting with Roshan over dinner, and we eventually talked about Maple Story. Now Maple Story is one of the few games which I installed and uninstalled on the same day. Roshan complained about how his girlfriend could just sit in front of her computer and press ‘C’ (the key for attacking) the whole day just to gain one level for reasons unknown to him. I remember Iris saying the same thing about her younger brother and Maple Story. And as far as my experience with the game goes, it’s all about walking around and pressing ‘C’.

I know you Maple Story fans out there will be saying “But MS is also for the community!” Well, why bother playing a game, which is supposed to be fun, when the fun doesn’t come from the game itself? Why not join an IRC channel, or even better, get out and start socializing? It leaves me dumbfounded that people actually spend real cash to buy an item that allows you to gain more experience points! A game that capitalizes on how boring it is? Count me out.

It seems like I’m not really talking abont Encephalon here, and I could say that I’m not. It’s just a rant that came from a dream.

Here’s to smart people playing smart games.

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