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We want to bring in new programmers into Hatchlings Games. It has proven difficult to find good candidates from Malaysia. Most programmers here do not know what makes a good programmer.

To me, a great (not just good) programmer (and the person we are looking to hire) is someone who goes hyperactive when he/she discovers a complex problem that is worth solving (for whatever bigger reason). Although the problem is complex, the good programmer will not settle for a complex solution. He appreciates simplicity. A great programmer will find a simple, elegant and generalized solution to the problem. His codes will be readable, maintainable and extensible.

Martin Fowler in his “refactoring” book discusses the idea of “code smells”. He has a great list of code problems that results in bad smell. A great programmer’s code will not “smell”. A poor programmer’s code will stink.

Here is the most important link for anyone who wants to be a great programmer: How to be a Hacker? by Eric Raymond

Why good programmers are Lazy and Dumb? A good read. Think about this. It speaks about simplicity.

How to be a Programmer? A short, comprehensive, and personal summary by Robert Lead. Very detailed guide to become a Programmer. If you can reproduce this article, you are probably a suitable hire.

Wikipedia entry on Design Patterns. Do not reinvent the wheel. Understand and use design patterns in your work. Design Patterns are the product of good object-oriented design.

Know the difference between object based and object oriented programming. Creating classes for the sake of encapsulation alone is not object-oriented programming.

These are required readings for programmers in Hatchlings Games.

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January 15, 2007 - Posted by | Programming


  1. *Thumb up* =)

    Comment by Virion | January 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. Great programmers are indeed hard to find. From my small research, great hackers:
    1) Work on Java (j2ee)/.Net in his day job, and does Ruby/python/perl on his home projects.

    2)Cant talk properly as their brains thing faster that they could actually speak

    3)Doesnt know hes a great programmer.

    4)Tremendous amount of curiosity

    5)Assigning him CRUD applications is like a death sentence.

    Comment by cinod_79 | January 16, 2007 | Reply

  3. Cinod_79,

    Agreed on all points especially point #2 and point #4.

    Their thoughts are so fast that their speech cannot follow. Great hackers are very spontaneous and have the ability to link everything naturally. They can link concepts with design and designs with execution plans seemingly spontaneously and naturally. Ultimately, a Great Hacker (the CAPs for salutation and respect) is driven by passion. That passion drives their hardwork and discipline.

    One of my favourite person is the American physicist Richard Feynman. To me and many fans, his curiosity is really admirable. You have so much fun in life if you are curious.

    Fun is Learning. You have to be curious to want to Learn.

    Curiousity, could this be a discussion for Game Design?


    Comment by Slade | January 17, 2007 | Reply

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