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We want to bring in new programmers into Hatchlings Games. It has proven difficult to find good candidates from Malaysia. Most programmers here do not know what makes a good programmer.

To me, a great (not just good) programmer (and the person we are looking to hire) is someone who goes hyperactive when he/she discovers a complex problem that is worth solving (for whatever bigger reason). Although the problem is complex, the good programmer will not settle for a complex solution. He appreciates simplicity. A great programmer will find a simple, elegant and generalized solution to the problem. His codes will be readable, maintainable and extensible.

Martin Fowler in his “refactoring” book discusses the idea of “code smells”. He has a great list of code problems that results in bad smell. A great programmer’s code will not “smell”. A poor programmer’s code will stink.

Here is the most important link for anyone who wants to be a great programmer: How to be a Hacker? by Eric Raymond

Why good programmers are Lazy and Dumb? A good read. Think about this. It speaks about simplicity.

How to be a Programmer? A short, comprehensive, and personal summary by Robert Lead. Very detailed guide to become a Programmer. If you can reproduce this article, you are probably a suitable hire.

Wikipedia entry on Design Patterns. Do not reinvent the wheel. Understand and use design patterns in your work. Design Patterns are the product of good object-oriented design.

Know the difference between object based and object oriented programming. Creating classes for the sake of encapsulation alone is not object-oriented programming.

These are required readings for programmers in Hatchlings Games.

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