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Good morning fellow bloggers, it’s 4.12 a.m. in the morning and I am still awake as usual due to the fact that the process of making this new game Encephalon is too challenging and thrilling. My mind is floating in my wildest imagination and trying to snap a picture of that imagination and place it into a form that can enable others to feel and see what I see.

The concept of giving users or the “player” a total freedom to customize and direct the flow of the game is interesting. Users/Players would be able to share their thoughts, imagination, creative ideas, art & designs and many other stuff in a new world with special communities to accept the “changes” done to this game. Thus, it makes the community to be the owner to this world.

Over these years, some potential artist/creative designers have kept their talents to themselves without being able to display or voice out their artwork to the local public. Sometimes, the public or the society they live in doesn’t appreciate their work as much as the other societies. These scenarios makes the hidden talents to be shy, scared and restricted to proceed to develop their talents and sharing their work to the public, confining them to be doubtful of their capabilities. It would be a waste for the world to miss it.

Back to the title, by creating a platform for users/players to share and applying own art to the game would encourage and enable most of them to post it up for the communities to view and rate their work, which will be able to help them to improve and correct their flaws in their future artwork. Indirectly, this game can be considered as an education tool for those who are involved in the field of art. Education not only can be held in educational institutes like tuition centre, schools, universities or colleges. E-learning have been introduced a few years back to the public, where, people could study and get a basic education online but it’s didn’t really make much of an impact to our current world. Most people still resolve to traditional education system. Schools, colleges and universities as the main educating institute. Games can also be an educating tool to guide the players in a particular aspect.

Communication is very important since the birth of mankind on Earth. It’s a medium that creates a group of combined minds to analyse and solve a certain matter in life. Everyone needs each others in their lives in order to keep living in this world. Due to the importance of communication, Encephalon allows the users/players to be able to communicate in a positive way via in-game blogs and in-game chats to analyse a game or an artwork for the cards by giving our point of view towards the posted issue. Thus, gathering and nurturing great minds from all around the world since everyone with internet connection can play it. Making friends among the community formed would be one the exciting and interesting features of the Encephalon.

In the future, we really hope to get feedbacks from all the readers, users/players and bloggers. Feedbacks are greatly needed to produce and maintain a successful game. Keep sharing for the sake of perfection.

“Aight, it’s time to sleep………..Zie Aun (nowing)~!!! give me bec my pillow!!! by the way, it’s my sleeping spot!!!”,says Me ^0^


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Life of a pawn

When is a chess pawn not a pawn? When it’s a trading card.

In chess, pawns are everywhere (Because there are eight of them on each side, duh). The game starts with all of them in a row. Their movement is pretty much restricted to moving straight and capturing diagonally (For reasons unknown to me, but I guess there are explanations behind it).

Pawns also define the geography of the board. How a chess battle is fought is determined by the opening moves. Pushing your pawns up front in the the early game allows more maneuvral space for your other pieces and thus better control of the board.

What kind of gameplay would there be if the chess board starts out empty, and players have to lay out pieces in turn order? Every piece, to a certain extent, would be a pawn. Super-pawns, when the queen and rook could run around unhindered and actual pawns not exactly very useful in the late game.

“So what can we do about it?” asked Slade as we were conversing over late lunch. “We went through the cards, but we totally forgot about the board.”

In some way our game is like chess – the fact that it’s played on an 8×8 board. However there are some big differences, like the fact that the board starts out empty, and the fact that you’d have at least 40 random pawns to start with.

“OK, look at this,” I said, “We now have turn structure like chess, progression like any strategy game, and the customizing aspect like, um, something. What we now lack is…”

“Is…” John continued while massaging his temples, “I can’t find a word for it.”

“Synergy. We have strategy, but no synergy yet.” Bingo. “A pawn in chess is a pawn because it’s meant to be like that. It’s role is defined as blah blah blah *scribbles on paper*”

“You’re right so far, so what are we going to do about this?”

Moy, the artist and third person at the lunch table, grabbed a pencil and started to sketch. “What if… the ‘pawns’ in our game defined the terrain like this?” He shaded some grids. “We have field cards, right? Cards that give some effect to a certain number of grids. What if these pawns are like farmers; they ‘plow’ the board to lay fields?”

“You mean, like Dune?” I asked, getting excited about the idea. Dune was an old real-time strategy computer game by Westwood which had scary sandworms that ate your units (And God forbid, harvesters). It had one particularly annoying thing: You had to lay concrete slabs on the ground before you can build your buildings on it, else the building starts out damaged (which sucks).

“Nah, that’ll be too annoying. What I mean is *scribble sketch scribble* these creatures lay fields as they move… they leave a trail. So they actually define the terrain in early game, and since fields can’t be overlaid according to the game rules, there’s actually a fight for territory!”



By the way, you ought to try dark coffee with lemon juice. Very interesting drink.

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Funding options for Malaysian entrepreneurs

From what I gather from the blog stats, there is a possibility that you are an entrepreneur living in Malaysia; and you are seeking for funding. Anyway, whether you are one or not, here are some funding methods:


The above list are grants, which means you do not need to pay the grant administrator back (there will be conditions and you should always ask first). Of course government grants are public funds. Use them well and responsibly.

Pre-Seed Funding

To start up your venture, Cradle is a good choice. All you need is a good ICT idea and a rough business model. Do not wait, apply online immediately – then you will learn what they want to know in the application. But pay careful attention to your application because they take a long time to respond to funding requests; it took them six months to get back to us (there are no communication in between). Cradle is managed by MAVCAP or Malaysia Venture Capital Management Bhd – that means that Cradle is a step towards larger angel or venture capital funds.

After your Cradle grant funding period with is over, you can apply for a larger Cradle grant (rumour) of RM250,000. After that you can grow through your revenues and/or Angel or Venture Capital investment.

While waiting for your grant approval, you should design (not develop) your product, look for potential customers, pitch your idea to EVERYONE regardless of status. It will pay off. You will find out new things about your idea, have a better idea on which are of the plan and yourself that you need to improve on.

If you are in the content industry (games, animation, comics, mobile contents), MDeC have an IP Creators Series Grant. This content grant just started last year. Click on the link above to find out more. We used the proceeds from this grant for our game Quasr.

MDeC’s pre-seed fund is also new and has the largest funding size among the other pre-seed grants. Note that you cannot have a registered company (Sdn. Bhd.) when you seek this funding. That is what stopped us from applying. Well, don’t register your company until you really need to – like when you get a term sheet from a venture capital investor.

Seed Funding

Once you got your product’s prototype out, you will need further funding to continue development and go-to-market. If you are building web-based applications, you might even have your BETA website up; but you probably wont get much money back from that. You need time to build traffic, improve features, polish and marketing. At this stage you will need to hire at least a few full-time employees (plus your army of cheaper part-timers who believe in your vision while getting your grant or even before that).

To fund this stage of growth, you can either get more grants (that you are eligible for), seek debt or equity funding.

If you have some ICT projects from some other company/government (like when another company give you a project to accomplish, or when a publisher give you a green light for a publishing contract) and you need to have cash-flow to finish the project, you can seek out Malaysia Debt Ventures (MDV). Check out their website for more information, and after that call them up!

If you are starting a venture like YouTube.com or Second Life, you will need a reasonable amount of seed capital for development (payroll, consultation, tools and licenses) and hardware servers when your BETA products are out. To finance this you can seek out Venture Capital Investment, where you will have to give up a significant % of shares for the money they inject into your company.

If you need anything below 1 million, private (professional or non-professional) angel investors (rich man who wants to invest in startups) might be able to do the job.

Debt and Equity Investments

Do not limit your funding to Malaysia, you can also go to Singapore – which I am going to write about next. We are seeking Singaporean investment and will draw a roadmap for that as well.

Roshan & Slade Loging off…

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