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Life after Pitch

We are having our level 25 monster in our office! He is our product manager, Roshan. He is now in the office playing DoTa…

Everything seemed to have slowed down after the pitch. I feel like I’m useless after we had won the pitch, progress is not much. I have a lot of questions about the game also. Since I had never like trading card game neither MMOG, I’ve been thinking about the game deeply. I asked myself if I had like any turn based game. I failed to like chess but I love Othello; I sucked at strategy games but I liked Heroes of Might and Magic 2. Hey, I do like turn base strategy game! I remembered playing it when I was 10 and if I were to be abandoned on an island, I will bring this game with me.

In MM2, you play as a knight of the king. The game has single player story mode and as well as hotspots. You can choose to either be a Knight, Wizard, Necromancer, Sorcerers, Barbarian, and Warlock. As a knight, you will have a castle as your base, you then can hire unlimited heroes to help you in the battle. You will lose the game when you lost all your castles; you win by getting all the castles.

MM2 actually have a lot of resemblance in our game, Encephalon. I will first separate this into 2 parts: In the game and outside the game. Encephalon is the world, the community is “outside the game” while the battle ground is “in the game”. Same goes to MM2, Heroes of Might and Magic is the world, the map is “outside the game” while the battle ground is “in the game”.

Outside the game doesn’t mean that is not a part of the game. Take a look at Magic the Gathering Trading Card Game. While you are playing cards with your opponent, I considered this as “in the game”. So what about the people watching the game? I considered them as “outside the game”. So does that mean they are not part of the game? Even things like trading, talking about the game, and networking are part of the game.

In MM2, the map is “outside the game”. Why so? When you are in the map screen, you can perform any sort of configurations, eg. buying monsters, buying heroes, build things in castles, upgrades, check out your enemy stats, your own stats and also trading. What happens when you meet up with your enemy? You will be in a battle screen where configuration is not available. (I don’t think you will even think that comes into mind when battling).

Map Screen


You move your monsters on the screen like moving chess pieces because MM2 move in Hexagons.


For your information, monsters are in a “collective” group, which means, even you have 100 of zombies they will only have one zombie image on the screen, just that they will show 100 in the bottom of the image. Although there are many kinds of monsters in the game but the monster are separate into classes just like chess! So, my main point is, each monster is different so that made every monster a “chess piece” but the number of classes are fixed.

So, the biggest problem that we might face while designing Encephalon could be the “chess pieces”. Since it is user generated, so how are we going to fix the number of chess pieces on the chess board? Imagine having all different chess pieces on the board and every round you play it is different. Having to play on a board where you have to recognize new piece while scurrying around trying to dig some big strategy behind your mind… this is insane…

I’m now sitting in the cold office with an empty tummy while writing this blog post. Going to get some food now, I’m having a stupid Media Authoring test later at 2.30pm. See ya!

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January 4, 2007 - Posted by | Encephalon, Game Design


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