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Encephalon: the beginning

Sometimes, all it takes is just a spark.

Back in the ancient past, thee was a spar, and there was light. When the universe was very young, atoms and molecules were formed by repeated fusions of subatomic particles and smaller atoms. As the universe grew older and settled down, the fusion stopped. However, the raw materials for fusion still existed. These invisible particles drifted around the universe, waiting for the right conditions to be materialized.

Eventually, stars were formed, and then planets and moons. Some planets, due to their very favorable conditions, were new homes to these particles. In the warm promordial waters and ionized atmosphere, the particles were weaved into the double-helixes of life. The first cell was formed. The first cells combined.

And eventually, the first eye opened. The first hand grabbed the first rock. The first foot walked on the first path. The first net caught the first fish. The first bricks formed the first house.

Through the years the particles slowly disappeared. The first blade tasted the first blood. The first bullet pierced the first heart. The first rebellion overthrew the first king. The first bomb blew up the first city. The people of the world started to weep, fearing that their creation from their own hands would lead to their destruction.

And that was when the spark came again.

Up on a mountain range, a group of mountaineers saw a ring of light in the sky. A few minutes later, the light grew brighter and brighter. Families came out of their homes and looked up. Somehow, it was not the end of the world. And one by one, a spark started to glimmer in their eyes. The light illuminated the whole sky in an orange-pinkish hue, even overpowering the sun on the other side of the planet. In the trenches of war soldiers stopped and looked, each one’s eyes containing the same spark as his enemies’.

And then there was peace. The meteor shower ended as abruptly as it began, but it had achieved its purpose – to bring those particles of life back to this planet.

In time, these people will learn how to manipulate these particles for the good of the species; and in time this species will come into contact with another, and they will teach them the way of the spark; and in time the whole galaxy will be open for every being wih the spark to freely communicate with one another.

This galaxy is Encephalon, and our story starts from here.

Check out these other posts to find out more about what we are building. We invite anybody to help us expand the world by commenting here.


January 3, 2007 - Posted by | Drama, Encephalon, Quasr Concept


  1. Dear Readers,

    there is a new setting. Stay tuned.

    Comment by Slade | January 11, 2007 | Reply

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